Greetings Good People!

We of the Burnt Mountain community hope you enjoy this web site of period crafts produced by our extended family. You will find few modern themes in our design, but we think what we do has timeless appeal.

Burnt Mountain stands to the east of us in a lonely and rugged arm of the San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado. We can see Burnt Mountain from our home. From this wild country we gather little treasures of antler, bone and wood for our crafts.

Burnt Mountain got its name from a forest fire some twenty-five years ago. A rancher had been carelessly burning brush to clear land for cattle grazing when the fire got out of control. An angry wind from the Arizona desert found its way here and fanned the fire until it had consumed several square miles of what we now call Burnt Mountain. We need to make the world more comfortable for cows, don't we?

One of our commitments is to heal abused portions of our land and the adjoining national forest. Where possible, we try to use sustainably harvested materials for our products. In any case, we're committed to planting new trees and healing the land in our corner of southwest Colorado. We have a long way to go, but it is our most satisfying and enjoyable work.


History of Burnt Mountain Crafts

Harriet & Jay started Burnt Mountain Crafts in 1988 on a whim...something to keep Jay out of trouble while his other business was slow. He was making walking sticks by hand and selling them at craft shows. They had already been exposed to the Colorado Renaissance Festival by their good friends Sean & Carol McWilliams. By teaming up with lovely Laurie and her exquisitely painted eggs they managed to squeeze into the great fair that year.

Later, they met Jeffery Segal in Phoenix and he invited them to the first year of the Arizona Renaissance Festival to begin February of 1989. Son Alexander and Harriet had managed to include wooden toy swords and shields on the Arizona application. As it turned out the outfit that was supposed to be the real sword and shield dealer could not come to Arizona that year and Jeffery allowed Burnt Mountain Crafts to provide the swords and shields for the Arizona Festival that year and thereafter. Hard work and fast learning kept them barely ahead of their customers that year. They had a tiger by the tail.

Now, Burnt Mountain Crafts has booths at the Arizona, Colorado, Las Cruces, Farmington, Ohio, Great Lakes and Carolina Festivals and here we are on the internet!

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