Renaissance Faires We Call Home

Arizona Renaissance Festival — in Apache Junction Arizona, you will find a medieval amusement park, 12 stage theater, 30 acre circus, arts & crafts fair, jousting tournament and feast all rolled into one non-stop, day long family adventure. (February 9 - March 30, 2008. Saturdays, Sundays & President's Day Monday)

Colorado Renaissance Festival — in Larkspur, Colorado over 500 years of family fun awaits all that enter this realm. Pleasures reign and merrymaking is the rule. (Weekends June 14 - August 3, 2008)

Dona Ana Renaissance Craft Faire — in Las Cruces, NM. (November 4 & 5th 2008)

Farmington Renaissance Faire — in Farmington, NM. (October 18 & 19th 2008)

Ohio Renaissance Festival — in Wilmington Ohio, Queen Elizabeth I welcomes you to 16th Century England where you can experience a full day of family entertainment & amusement in a permanent 30 acre English Village. (August 30 - October 19, 2008. Saturdays, Sundays & Labor Day September 1)

Great Lakes Medieval Faire — in Rock Creek, Ohio is a 13th century family fun theme park filled with fine continuous entertainment, juried crafts & artisans, rides & interactive games and food fit for a King. (Weekends July 5 - August 10, 2008. Saturdays & Sundays)

Carolina Renaissance Festival— in Huntersville, NC. It's the greatest party since Camelot. (Weekends October 4th - November 16th 2008)


Other Interesting Links

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Renaissance Faire Summaries Page - a blog-type page with summaries of various faires, including: Bristol, Minnesota, Ohio, Texas, Arizona, Michigan, St. Louis, Illinois and Silver Leaf Renaissance Festivals

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The Directorie of Renaissance Faires - calendar of renaissance events, Who's Who of guilds, clans, reenactment groups, craftsmen, merchants, and acts, market place, and much more.

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